Thursday, August 21, 2014

Get to Know Me Blog Hop

Hey everyone!  I'm here today doing something a little different on my blog.  This week I am participating in a "Get to Know Me Blog Hop."  Several bloggers have recently started sharing a little about themselves and their hobby and then tag a few people to do the same on their blogs.  I was tagged by Laura at Crafty Chicks Creating.  
I am tagging two of my favorite crafty bloggers to do the same next week, so be sure to check them out:
Michelle at Cricut Crazy Scrapper  (I love her layouts...they always give me inspiration!)
Mayra at Mayra's Designs (She creates the most beautiful 3D projects ever!)

So here's a little about me and my hobby and what I've been working on:

I am mostly a scrapbooker as you can probably tell from the amount of layouts I make versus cards.  I do love to make tags and cute 3D boxes.  Oh yeah and I love making treat bags!  I just recently made this cute cupcake tag for some treats I sent to a blogger friend in Florida as part of something called The Leftover's Club.

In addition to my craft blog, I also have a food blog:  Diary of a Recipe Collector

So how does my work differ from others and why do I create what I do?

Like I mentioned, I am primarily a scrapbooker.  I make layouts with kid and family themes.  I create layouts for my kids' albums.  My older two kids have albums for each year of their first few years.  Since this has become overwhelming to keep up with having 4 kids, I am now going to make sure my little ones have their own first year album, and start just making a combination family album for the rest of my pictures.  
I truly love creating these layouts.  It is so rewarding when I see my older two kids pull out their baby albums and look at them!  That is what makes me keep making them.

How does your writing and creating process work?

I am a huge fan of the Cricut Craftroom.  I love how I can change my colors and see what works.  I can completely design what I want before I even cut anything.  This makes the actual creating process quicker for me. 
I am also a huge fan of Pinterest.  When I  am stumped or in a creative rut, I just look at my Pinterest board and get inspired!  You can follow all my boards here or just follow my scrapbooking board here.

Well I've enjoyed sharing a little bit about my blogging life with you!  Be sure to check out Michelle and Mayra next week!

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  1. I Love the Idea of a get to know me Blog Hop, So Fun! Love seeing your creations that you make. Your Tag is really Cute! Glad I'm a follower of yours. :0)


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