Saturday, August 10, 2013

Monogrammed Tin Homework Cases

I wanted to share my little project I made for my kids for this school year.  I love when I find something that I can put a vinyl monogram on!!!  I picked up these little tin boxes in the school supply section at Walmart recently.  They were perfect for putting a name on them!  I used my Cricut and the Cricut Craft Room, but you can just as easily use a Silhouette if you have one.
These will not be used for school, but they will serve as a "homework box" at home.  Each child will keep their pencils, colors, scissors, glue, etc. in their box.  That way when it is time to sit down and do homework, hopefully we will not waste time trying to find their pencil and colors.  It will all be in one spot much like they have at their desk at school.

I used the Cricut Craft Room instead of my gypsy to get the sizing right.  I had trouble deciding what colors to use on each one.  By using the craft room, I was able to change the colors on the layers and see what combination I liked best and which way the name and the monogram showed up best.  

For the large monogram, I used Lyrical Letters.  They are cut a little over 4 inches.  For the names, I used the Type Candy Font cartridge.  The names are cut at about 1.75 inches.  With the craft room, you are able to just drag the arrow in the lower right corner of the box to adjust the sizing quickly.   For the names, I clicked and dragged to select all the letters.  I then grouped them together by right clicking and selecting "group."  Here are some pictures of the layering with the vinyl:

Overall, it was really simple, and I think they turned out super cute!

I also have another post which shows step-by-step on how to work with the vinyl:

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